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Cyberdev ZigZag Fibo Plus


The indicator is useful for wave analysis and recognition of harmonic patterns. Using two buffers to record the upper and lower extremes allows the indicator to recognize and highlight the external bar, which is not possible for other indicators that use one buffer. The indicator is quite simple to understand and uses only one parameter for calculations – depth. Thanks to the Fibonacci levels highlighting mode, it allows you to most accurately determine the Fibonacci levels for all extremes in automatic mode without using the Fibonacci grid.

All one-sided extremes that stand for the previous extremes are located at a distance no closer than depth. But if there is a narrowing on the chart, then one-sided extremes may be located closer than the depth distance.

Trading using the Cyberdev ZigZag Fibo Plus indicator can be carried out using wave analysis, harmonic patterns, Fibonacci levels, classical patterns. Examples of trading can be viewed in the attached video. To trade on one of the strategies offered in the video, you will need the Super Bollinger Bands indicator.

With the help of the Cyberdev ZigZag Fibo Plus indicator, you can change the theme of the chart design. This function is an addition to the indicator. You can set the theme using the theme parameter (see the screenshots). If you don’t need to change the theme, then set the theme to No theme.

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  • n_bars – the number of bars to calculate (-1 – all bars, 3,000)
  • depth – depth (the distance to search for extremes, at least 2, 21)
  • draw_type – zigzag drawing style (ZigZag and fractals)
  • fibo-Fibo mode (true);
  • f_digits – the number of characters of text labels in the Fibo mode (3)
  • f_font-font (Arial)
  • f_font_size – font size (8)
  • f_hidden-hide the graphical objects of the indicator in the list of objects (true)
  • zz_color – zigzag color (DodgerBlue)
  • zz_style – zigzag line style (Solid)
  • zz_width – width of the zigzag line (2)
  • h_arr_color – the color of the upper extremes (Blue)
  • h_arr_width – width of the upper extremums (2)
  • h_arr_code – code of the symbol for displaying the upper extremes (115)
  • l_arr_color – the color of the lower extremes (Red)
  • l_arr_width – width of the lower extremums (2)
  • l_arr_code – the code of the symbol for displaying the lower extremes (115)
  • h_line_color – color of the upper connecting line (SpringGreen)
  • h_line_style – the style of the upper connecting line (Dash)
  • h_line_width – width of the upper connecting line (1)
  • l_line_color – color of the lower connecting line (DarkViolet)
  • l_line_style – the style of the lower connecting line (Dash)
  • l_line_width – width of the lower connecting line (1)
  • theme – graphic design theme (White-2)


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