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Demo Compare Symbols Specifications


Compare Symbols Specifications is a utility indicator that represents a summary
an interactive table of the analyzed parameters.

Full version: 

Trading conditions in the market are constantly changing and tracking these changes is a time-consuming task.

This tool allows you to compare the trading conditions of all symbols in a matter of seconds, and select the symbols that you want to trade.
meet the requirements of the trading system.

This tool will be useful for all traders and will help them to have up-to-date information about trading conditions on the market.

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You can compare the following parameters:
  • spread, pips
  • maximum spread, pips
  • minimum spread, pips
  • the cost of one tick (for lot 1.00, for lot 0.01, this value should be divided by 100)
  • swaps credited to the buy position (for lot 1.00)
  • swaps credited to the sell position (for lot 1.00)
  • total swap (useful to evaluate when hedging)
  • price change for the current day, %
In the settings, you can set an individual table design.
  • Symbol-analyzed symbols – all or selected in the Market Overview
  • Table Color 1 – the color of the even rows of the table
  • Table Color 2 – the color of the odd rows in the table
  • Font Color – font color
  • Font Color Plus – the font color of positive values
  • Font Color Minus – the font color of negative values
  • Sort-the color of the sort button from smaller to larger
  • Sort-the color of the sort button from larger to smaller
  • Open Symbol ▶ – color of the button for opening the symbol graph
  • Hide ✖ – color of the “Hide Table” button”
  • Show ➕ – color of the “Show Table” button”
  • Font – name of the font



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