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The Diamond_lock Expert Advisor is based on the Lock strategy. The Diamond_lock Expert Advisor opens two buy and sell trades at once ( sets the lock ).

Then, on the signal of the author’s indicator, it opens transactions for buying or selling .

Positions are closed based on the selected profit value and on the ATR indicator.

By default, the EA is optimized for the GBP USD currency pair.

You can learn more about the work of the Expert Advisor by downloading the demo version.

  • Timeframe:  H1 is recommended.
  • Account type: Any. ECN is recommended.

* Hour Start – Start of the Expert Advisor ( hours ) .

* Minute Start – Start of the Expert Advisor ( minutes ) .

* Hour End – The end of the adviser’s work (hours).

* Minute End – The end of the Expert Advisor (minutes).

* Lot Size – Fixed lot size.

* Risk Percent – The percentage of the balance to calculate the lot if the Lot Size is 0.

·         Lot coefficient – The lot multiplier for the exit from the castle.

* Timeframe – The timeframe of the indicator.

* Level Open – The level of opening orders according to the indicator.

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* Maximum Order – The maximum number of orders allowed.

* Profit-Guaranteed profit in points and ATR indicator data.

* Virtual Stop Loss – Virtual stop loss in the deposit currency.

* TF ATR TP-Timeframe of the ATR indicator.

* Slippage – Price slippage.

* Magic – Any number that differs from the numbers of other Expert Advisors working at the same time.

·         Comment – Trade comments that appear on the Trade and Account History tab.

* Info on/off – Whether or not to display information on the chart.

* Text color Info – The color of the text.



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