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Dollar Yen Trader EA


The automatic trend-tracking system USDJPY Trader EA is always in the market and trades using sell stop and buy stop orders. To capture large movements in the market, a trailing stop is provided.

The Expert Advisor is equipped with a money management function that calculates the lot size depending on the amount of funds in the account and the risk, with the ability to set the maximum drawdown to stop trading.

This long-term strategy, combined with money management, is able to work on any pair, but it shows the best results on USDJPY M15.

  • Fully automated
  • Risk management
  • Works on any type of account
  • Only one trade is open at a time
  • Always set a stop loss
  • No scalping
  • Without grid
  • Without Martingale

General Settings

  • TextColour – the color of the text on the screen

Order Settings

  • MagicOrderNumber-a unique number for determining the EA’s trades – any integer
  • Lots – fixed lot, if money management is disabled-values from 0.01 to 50.0
  • Slippage – slippage in pips-values from 1 to 10
  • MoneyManagement – when enabled, the lot size for trades is calculated based on the account risk-true/false
  • MoneyManagementRisk – risk per trade if money management is enabled-values from 0.01 to 0.1
  • AllowNewTrades – allow opening of new trades-true/false
  • AccountProfitLock-if money management is enabled, the EA will stop trading when the account balance drops to the specified share of the account balance (0.5 = 50% of the account balance) – values from 0.0 to 1.0

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Login Settings

  • TimeFrame-drop-down menu for selecting the timeframe of the Expert Advisor, so that the timeframe of the chart does not affect the work.When testing the Expert Advisor, make sure that the tester’s timeframe corresponds to this value.
  • MaxSpread – the maximum spread in pips at which trading is allowed-values from 1.0 to 10.0
  • Input1 – the first control value of the strategy, must be less than the second control value (Input2). Adjust to determine the optimal value for each pair-values from 0.01 to 3.0
  • Input2 – the second control value of the strategy, must be greater than the first control value (Input1). Adjust to determine the optimal value for each pair-values from 0.1 to 10.0
  • EmergencyStopLoss-initial stop loss before the trailing stop is activated-values from 25 to 1000

The default parameter values are for USDJPY. To get good results on other pairs, you need to optimize the parameters Input1 and Input2. Disable money management when optimizing, so that performance in the second half of the test is not hindered, and the best overall results are easier to detect. When optimizing, perform testing for a period of one year or more. When checking the most appropriate settings, test for an even longer period of time. This will reduce the chance of fitting the values.


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