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Doom is a fully automated expert Advisor with a unique algorithm designed for trading Forex instruments. This is an Expert Advisor based on a scalping strategy with elements of martingale, which provides a large number of combinations of settings to match your personal trading preferences. Using the method of simple optimization of the Expert Advisor parameters, the settings can be selected for any trading instrument.
It can be used both on a VPS and on a personal computer. Broker quotas, short-term communication interruptions, or disconnections of the MT4 terminal do not significantly affect the work of the Expert Advisor.
The size of the spread, the expansion of the spread, as well as the slippage do not matter much.
For the default settings, the recommended starting deposit for one trading instrument is from 500 USD. 

Features of the expert’s work:

  • The Expert Advisor uses a scalping trading strategy with martingale elements. Trades are made based on signals, using dynamically expandable market entry levels.
  • The timeframe for the work does not matter. 
  • The Expert Advisor automatically calculates the lot size in accordance with the risk level and deposit size selected by the user. 
  • The default settings are set for GBPUSD. 
  • If necessary, Doom can be installed simultaneously on several trading instruments. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the level of funds for all the instruments involved at the rate of 500 USD per 1% of the value of the Risk parameter
  • Doom is able to work together with other experts, controlling only their positions.
  • It is easily optimized to work with any tools.

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Expert Advisor parameters:

FixVolume – Fixed trading volume of the Expert Advisor, with the automatic calculation of the volume of opened orders disabled (Risk=0).
Risk – The percentage of the automatic calculation of the volume of orders opened by the expert from the free funds on the account.
RiskFactor-The coefficient of increase in trading operations relative to the number of open positions.
Signal – A signal for the expert to open orders.
SignalPeriod – The interval for calculating the signal for opening orders by the expert.
SignalFactor – The coefficient of the dynamic change of the signal, relative to the current volatility of the working symbol.
Range – The minimum distance from the last open position to the opening of a new order, if there is an entry signal.
RangeFactor-The coefficient of increasing the minimum distance from the last open position to the opening of a new order, relative to the number of open positions.
StopOrders – Opening distance and trailing distance of pending orders.
TrailingStart – Start of the trailing operation in pips.
TrailingStop – The trailing distance in pips.
TrailingStep – The trailing step in pips.
TakeProfit – The level of expected profit in the deposit currency.
StopLoss – Loss limit level in the deposit currency.
TradeMagic – The identification number of the Expert Advisor.
TradeComments – The Expert Advisor’s comment.
InfoTable – Use the Expert’s dashboard. 
ClearChart-Removes graphical objects from the chart.

For effective optimization, we recommend:

  • Use the MT4 terminal of the broker where you plan to use the Expert Advisor.
  • Correctly download the quote history of the selected trading instrument.
  • After downloading the quote history, check the quotes used by the Expert Advisor testing method for the absence of chart mismatch errors.   
  • Choose to use optimization results that have a compromise ratio of profit-drawdown-profitability.
  • Check the final result on the demo account of the selected broker.

I wish you a profitable trade!!!


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