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My goal is to create an Expert Advisor that trades according to the trend, and not against it, like many other robots.

Quincy EA uses the grid to open long / short trades in the direction of the price, quickly making a small profit and closing trades. You need a low spread and (preferably) a trend pair.

You can view the work of the Expert Advisor here:

The Quincy EA Expert Advisor opens a grid of orders. The direction of transactions depends on the current trend. The robot does not use indicators. Instead, it relies on math to close out a large number of small profits. As soon as the total profit for all open trades reaches the specified Take profit value, all trades are closed.

If there are too many open trades, Quincy EA can close them earlier. This depends on the Emergency Mode parameter, which can be changed in the Expert Advisor settings.


  • The Expert Advisor opens and closes hundreds of trades per day. You can trade multiple pairs. However, do not forget about the limit on the maximum number of open trades set by your broker.
  • For best results, the Expert Advisor should work in 24/5 mode.

Safety rules

  • Use trending currency pairs with a low spread
  • ECN accounts only
  • A low spread is desirable
  • Due to the special features of the Expert Advisor, Stop-out is not used. However, since it is hedging its position, there is plenty of time to exit manually
  • If you need any help, please contact me
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