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The indicator simultaneously analyzes the price charts of several currency pairs on all timeframes and sends a notification as soon as the “Double Top” and “Double Bottom” patterns are detected.

A “Double Top” is a trend reversal pattern that consists of two consecutive peaks, roughly equal to each other, and a trough between them. This pattern is a vivid illustration of the struggle between buyers and sellers. Buyers try to strengthen their positions, but meet with resistance, which prevents the continuation of the uptrend. After this happens a couple of times, buyers in the market begin to “wither”, and sellers cling to the market with a stranglehold, which sends the market into a new downtrend.

“Double bottom” (Double Bottom) — a pattern opposite to the “Double top”, as it signals a reversal of the downtrend and its transition to an uptrend.

  • Automatically downloads historical price data from the broker’s server.
  • In parallel, it tracks all currency pairs on all timeframes.
  • You can configure which pairs and timeframes you want to receive notifications from.

Settings for the “Double Bottom” and “Double Top” patterns”

  • Filter Type-select the condition for receiving alerts. The condition may be the achievement of the second vertex or the breakdown of the isthmus line. Additional explanation is shown in the screenshots;
  • Bars Interval – Minimum number of bars between vertices;
  • Peak Distance – The maximum allowable price difference between the vertices (in pips);
  • Trend Distance – The minimum distance between the beginning of the trend and the isthmus (in pips);
  • Lot Size – the lot size for calculating the target profit

Currency pairs and timeframes

  • Symbols-Currency pairs to track. Each pair is separated by a comma, and its name must be identical to the symbol displayed in the terminal window ” Market Overview”;
  • M1 – True for tracking this timeframe;
  • M5-True for tracking this timeframe;
  • M15 – True for tracking this timeframe;
  • M30-True for tracking this timeframe;
  • H1-True for tracking this timeframe;
  • H4-True for tracking this timeframe;
  • D1-True for tracking this timeframe;
  • W1-True for tracking this timeframe;
  • MN1 – True for tracking this timeframe;


  • AlertNotification-True to display a message in the terminal when a signal appears;
  • PushNotification – True for sending push notifications to mobile;
  • MailNotification – True for sending email notifications.

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14 December 2017


01 February 2019

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avexzek February 18, 2021 7:18 am

It will be perfect when the telephone notice may include more info ….\n\n like a few things i see in the MT4 system ( First top. Second top, and Throat, along with achieved time)\n\n because i have established notification for both attained the neck and throat and arrived at next leading !!\n\n Presently.. my telephones notification doesn’t show enough details and unless I’m looking at my Personal computer …\n\n Believe creator can boost it !!

cllatser February 18, 2021 7:18 am

Great early morning dealers.\n\n I got this signal several days ago and I must claim that I love it a lot. I truly do not provide it with 5 superstars why it should be excellent. It is really an best tool to observe that pattern that with the measures from the cost can provide great final results. Thanks very much.\n\n Overview current on 02\/11\/2018.\n\n After asking for a little change to the writer. The writer has applied it and is now the perfect instrument for this kind of figure (Double Top and Double Option).\n\n Thanks.

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