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At first, I got my teeth into Dragon Bot Expert Advisor.

Build a smart grid both with the trend and against the trend.

The powerful combination of locking and partial loss closure.

The program is constantly being improved and upgraded.

Smart recovery system with Fibonacci grid

Good resistance to unexpected market events

The dynamic displacement correction system

Multistage gain closing algorithm

Stage 1: Build a simple grid system

Stage 2: Build a simple martingale system

Stage 3: Apply a Fibonacci system

Stage 4: Apply a recovery Fibonacci system

Stage 5 (latest): Apply a recovery Fibonacci system with Hedge

Dragon Bot is now available at Stage 5 (the most advanced Expert Advisor).

Use broker with low spread

Minimum deposit of 1000$ USD

The recommended symbol is EURUSD

maxProfitDay ($): When profit reached max profit day, bot will stop. 

Please change to the large number.

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