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The indicator shows the favorable moments of entering the market with arrows. It can be used both for pipping on small periods, and for long-term trading.

  • Count bars – the number of bars used to draw the indicator. The optimal value is 500..1000. For the Expert Advisor, this value can be reduced to 1 to speed up optimization and testing
  • Indicator period – indicator calculation period in bars, from 0 to 100
  • Deviation, 0..100 – deviation coefficient, from 0 to 100
  • Filter period – filter period in bars, from 1 to 50
  • Filter applied price – the price used, selected from the list
  • Filter level (50-100) – filter level, from 50 to 100
  • Filter Shift – shift of the filter buffer, default 0
  • Only completed bars-choose to work only on closed bars or count and zero too
  • Arrow vertical shift – distance from the arrow to the extremum of the bar
  • Up arrow color – the color of the up arrow
  • Down arrow color – the color of the arrow down
  • Arrow size – arrow size
  • Allow alerts globally-allows or disables sending notifications and alerts
  • Pop-up alert-allows an alert in the terminal when an arrow appears
  • Play sound-allows the sound to play when the arrow appears
  • Sound file – the sound file must be located in the %terminal directory%Sounds folder or its subdirectory
  • Send e-mail-allows sending a message by e-mail when the arrow appears
  • Send push notification-allows sending a notification to the mobile phone when an arrow appears

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input int drawbars=10000; //Count bars
input int P=5; //Indicator period
input int K=5; //Deviation, 0..100
input int cper=4; //Filter period
input ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE cpr=PRICE_CLOSE; //Filter applied price
input int lim=70; //Filter level (50-100)
input int csh=0; //Filter Shift
//you don’t need to pass the other parameters, they are used to configure the display of the indicator attached to the chart

double dc1= iCustom(_Symbol,0,“DreamCatcher_v2. 500release”, drawbars, P,K,cper,cpr,lim,csh,0,1); //first buffer-up arrow
double dc2= iCustom(_Symbol,0,“DreamCatcher_v2. 500release”, drawbars, P,K,cper,cpr,lim,csh,1,1); / / second buffer-down arrow


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