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EA trades on Japanese candlesticks


Trading Japanese candlesticks on 30-and 60-minute charts in the direction of the prevailing trend allows traders to determine the risk and profit-taking levels based on the specifics of the price model structure. This Expert Advisor implements one of the candlestick analysis models.

  • Min_Bar3 — Minimum body of 3 bars, including zero.
  • Open_Type — Where we trade: 0-only Buy, 1 – only Sell, 2-both ways.
  • FixLot — Fixed lot.
  • MarginLot – Calculation of the lot based on the specified collateral amount.
  • MarginPercentLot-Lot calculation based on % of the deposit for the collateral amount.
  • Risk-Lot calculation based on the stop loss and risk per trade in % of the deposit.
  • SL_ — Stop loss in points.
  • SL_Bar – Calculation of the stop loss on the tops of the bars (if SL_=0).
  • SL_Max — The maximum allowed stop loss.
  • TP_ — Take profit in points; 4 digits (2 digits).
  • TP_Bar – Calculation of the take profit based on the peaks of a given number of bars (if TP_=0).
  • TP_Max — The maximum allowable take profit.
  • Profit_loss_min — The minimum allowed ratio of profit to loss.
  • Profit_loss_max — The maximum allowed ratio of profit to loss.
  • Tral_Start — The distance from which the trawl will start working.
  • Tral_Distance — The distance of the trawl (if 0 the trawl is disabled).
  • Hour_Start — The start time of the Expert Advisor.
  • Hour_End — The end hour of the Expert Advisor.
  • Settings for working by day of the week and month.
  • AllTick-Operation in the “All ticks” mode (otherwise” Only opening prices ” of bars).
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