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Traders always need more, easier, and faster. And it can’t be enough. Therefore, the Easy And Fast trading panel was developed!

The professional version of this program with advanced features can be purchased on this page: Easy And Fast Pro.

Consider the features of the Easy And Fast trading panel, which will make your trading much easier and more efficient:

  • The panel can be moved to any convenient place on the chart.
  • You can quickly perform trading operations, such as: buying/selling, placing pending orders. You can also flip a position, close a position, or delete pending orders on the current symbol. For trading operations, the Expert Advisor uses the value from the Lot input field, which can be changed manually or with the help of switches (fast-forward of the value also works). Value in the input fieldStep tells the program which step to change the value in the Lot field, if radio buttons are used. By clicking on the headers of the input fields Lot orStep you can reset the lot value to the lowest possible value.
  • To place a pending order, just click one of the four corresponding buttons and then click on the chart. The order will be placed at the price at which the click was made. In the external parameters of the Expert Advisor, you can enable the mode when you need to hold down the Ctrl key in order to set a pending order (see the screenshot below). By default, this mode is disabled (false).
  • The program allows you to enable trailing stop to automatically drag the protective stop loss level behind the current price, if it goes in the direction of profit. To enable this feature, select the checkbox in the Trailing stop losscheckbox . In the input field, you can specify the value of the step through which the check for the modification of the stop loss will be performed. At any time, you can manually change the stop loss distance from the current price, if necessary. The program will remember the new distance and continue to perform the function based on this adjustment.
  • It is possible to quickly set sound alerts (alerts). The Levels of alerts checkbox creates two horizontal levels on the chart: Top Alert (top alert) and Bottom Alert (bottom alert). If the price rises above the Top Alert level, the program will start playing an audio alert. The same is true with the Bottom Alert level, but the price should fall below this line. The distance by which the levels are set from the current price can be entered from the keyboard in the input field or changed by radio buttons. Another sound alert can be set with the Line-time alert checkbox. This is a vertical line on the timeline. As soon as the time is longer than the time at which the line is set, the program will start playing an audio alert. The sound file for alerts, the time interval (in seconds) after which the alert will be repeated, and the color of the levels can be set in the external parameters of the program (see the screenshot below). For each line, you can set your own sound file, so that you can already understand what level the price has crossed during playback.
  • Another check-boxShow deals on chart sets the arrows of all transactions in the account history on the chart and continues to create new ones at the time of trading operations. Unchecking the checkbox removes all arrows from the chart.
  • In the external settings of the program (see the screenshot below), in the Async Mode parameter, you can set the mode in which trading operations will be performed. If the parameter is set to true, the operations will be performed in asynchronous mode. That is, without waiting for a response from the server. Thus, it is possible to conclude a larger number of transactions in a short time interval, which can be of significant importance for the trader. The value in the external parameter Slippage specifies the maximum deviation (slippage) for the program.) when performing a trading operation. External parameterShow Stop And Freeze Levels enables / disables the display of constraint levels on the chart.
  • The Easy And Fast trading panel works on all types of financial instruments (Forex, CFDs, Metals, Futures, Stocks).

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You may be interested in this trading panel for the MetaTrader 4 platform: Easy And Fast MT4.


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