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Bitcoin Trend is a fully automatic trend trading advisor for trading the BTCUSD instrument. The EA enters the trade at moments of increased volatility in the direction of momentum and holds the trade for a long time until the end of the trend. A special feature is the absence of Take Profit, this is done in order not to limit the profit with very rapid growth. Transactions are closed byStop Loss, which is constantly pulled up when the price moves towards the trade or when the price reaches the moving average with the specified parameter.

Advantages and features

  • It is fully automated and does not require extra attention.
  • Suitable for working on deposits of any size.
  • Does not use risky strategies like grid and martingale
  • Automatic volume calculation function based on the deposit size and the current Bitcoin price.
  • SizeThe stop Loss at the opening of each trade varies depending on the price of Bitcoin.
  • Trailing (pull-up) functionStop Loss, when the price goes in the direction of the transaction.
  • The built-in mechanism for recognizing gaps, in case of their occurrence, the transaction will not be opened
  • For smooth operation, we recommend using a VPS.
  • Brokers with a low spread are recommended.
  • Optimized to work on BTCUSD, standard settings for BTCUSD M30. The discussion section contains presets for other parameters.

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Input parameters

Indicator Parameters

Indicator 1 Period – The number of bars to calculate the first indicator.

Indicator 2 Period – The number of bars to calculate the second indicator.

Indicator Deviation – The standard deviation of the indicator.

MA Period – The period of the moving average used for closing trades.

ParametersStop Loss and Trailing

SL Kef-Coefficient for calculationStop Loss. The stop loss will be calculated using the following formula: SL kef * Price * tick, where tick is the size of the bitcoin tick.

Trailing-The trailing switch. (True-Enabled, False-disabled).

Trailing kef-Coefficient for calculating the trailing step. Calculated using a formula similar toStop Loss.

Volume Parameters

Autolot-Switch to Automatically detect the volume of transactions, if set to True, the volume will be calculated automatically.

Autolot Parameter – (if Autolot=true) Parameter for automatic calculation of the transaction volume. The volume depends on the size of the deposit and the current price of the instrument, the higher the price, the smaller the transaction volume. It is recommended to set the value to no more than 150.

Fix Lot – Fixed volume in lots.

Other parameters

Gap size – The minimum size of the gap so that it is not taken into account for opening a trade.

Magic Number – The magic number of the Expert Advisor.


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