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A simple and reliable indicator that can be used as an additional filter in your trading system. You can also use this indicator to create a new trading system.

What he can do: simply by the selected number of candles (configurable parameter) determines the decline and rise of the market.

Several indicators with different parameters can be used on the same chart. For convenience, the “COMMENT” function has been added – a user comment that is displayed near the end of the line.

Added new features for tracking the trend:

There are three types of trend applicable to any time period that we analyze: smaller, intermediate and main. This also means that there are three types of highs and lows of fluctuations that correspond to these trends.

In this version of the HiLo Activator v3 indicator, the functions of tracking and determining the trend period are implemented:

1 – smaller, 2 – intermediate, 3 – main, 0 – continuation or completion.

Icon size settings have been made for all signals. If the value is 0, the icon is not drawn.

If we see that the price overcomes the previous peak of the fluctuation, then we are in an uptrend at the time format and at the level (smaller, intermediate or basic) at which we are trading. We should continue to trade only in the long side, as long as the price does not break the previous base of fluctuations of the same level. After the smaller swing base is broken, the trader must wait for a new intermediate or main swing base to form before opening new long positions.

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  • BARS= 3; – the number of candles, bars for which the main trend line is calculated.
  • COMMENT= “comment”; – Comment displays your comment

Additional new parameters:

  • Main size = 1; – Main size is the main trend line for candles, 0 is not .
  • Trend size= 3; – Trend size (0 – hide) the size of the additional trend line at the points selected below 0,1,2,3
  • Size _0 = 1; – Size 0 (0 – hide) continuation or completion of the previous period, 0 none,
  • Size _1 = 1; – Size 1 (0 – hide) smaller trend period, 0 no,
  • Size _2 = 2; – Size 2 (0 – hide) intermediate trend period, 0 no,
  • Size _3 = 3; – Size 3 (0 – hide) main trend period, 0 none
  • DoubleSignalAlert = false; – Double signal #3 alert when double signal #3 appears


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