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Update: Push to mobile notification is now added as optinal in the settings.

Most traders fail to generate profit because of the lack of so-called filters and scanners. If you want to win at trading you need a solid system and also a filtering tool for some or all of your entry criteria.

It is impossible to follow 24 currency pairs, all the indices, stocks and commodities without a filtering tool. Imagine you can get an email any time CCI crosses bellow 100 and 0 when the price is bellow MA5 and MA10 and you check the chart and just press the sell button or wait an adjustment to do it. You will be getting quality signals everyday without the need to watch the charts 24/5. You can customize all these settings in the indicator to get quality signals directly in your inbox.

Pro Trend Scanner is one of the most solid tools that I have ever created, that is helping me generate 5 -10 % a month from the start of 2019.

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This indicator combines CCI and 3 Moving average indicators. CCI and Moving averages are customizable so you don’t need to worry about the timeframes and fine-tuning of your system. I would also suggest you use the system as it is on H4.

Most systems are based on a lot of complex indicators and formulas, which in my opinion doesn’t work well in the long run. I read once a Post somewhere on some forum with the title “How to make a living using CCI indicator”. At that point, I was laughing and was using also complex systems which at the end got me out of the market.

Now with Pro Trend Scanner, I can be monitoring all the major and minor forex pairs and Indices that with no worries I will miss to check on some good setup. The indicator is configured to let the user choose from alerts and emails and turning on or off two of the Moving Averages. Another good thing about the indicator is that you can also choose the colors of the layout so you don’t need to worry about anything. Everything is designed to be user-friendly and configurable.

! IMPORTANT: Backtesting the indicator and Free Demo are a little hard to be used since its a multi asset filtering tool.

! IMPORTANT: If you want to use the email alerts you need to configure the MT4 from Tools->Options=>Email as shown on screenshot 7.


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