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This indicator draws price channels. Easy to use. It has various settings, for example, you can configure to show channels only for buying or selling, you can display trend lines instead of channels. There are many trading strategies that are based on trading in channels, you can trade on the rebound from the boundaries of the channels, or channel breakdown. 

  • History – maximum number of bars for building channels;
  • Distance – the minimum distance from one maximum (or minimum) to another when building a channel;
  • Shift – shift a few bars back, where a channel breakout is possible;
  • DrawChannels-draw channels or trend lines (if this option is enabled, channels are drawn);
  • DescendingChannelEnabled – enable / disable the display of the descending channel;
  • AscendingChannelEnabled – enable / disable the display of the ascending channel;
  • DescendingChannelColor-set the color of the descending channel;
  • AscendingChannelColor-set the color of the ascending channel;
  • ContinueLineLeft-enable the display of drawing channel lines to the left of the highs/lows.

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