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Easy Neural Network MT4


  •     More Easy and Fast Learning
  •     Without Complicated input parameters.
  •     All TimeFrames and Symbols Supported
  •     No Need to Huge and Large Optimizations
  •     Use Low Margin for Trading
  •     Money Management Options
  •     TP/SL/Averaging options
  •     Trailing Stop, Break Even Options
  •     Light-Weight and Optimized Algorithm (No Need to Large System Resources)
  •         Learn EA on any Timeframe and Symbol that you want to Trade. Learn String from a Symbol/Timeframe can not be used for other Symbol/Timeframe Trading.
  •         Use Automatic SL/TP Options. In this case, EA uses the best TP/SL based on your Timeframe.
  •         About 1~2 Years Learning is enough for Trading. It is better to update Learn String every 2 weeks during trade.
  •         EA works on Hedge accounts.
  •         Use Every Tick Mode for Learning and Testing.
  •         It is recommended to learn with all default settings.

EA Inputs :

    ===================  General
    Action of EA
    Learn String (if already learned)
    Magic Number
    ===================  Volume
    Volume Calculation Method
    Floating Volume (Lots per 1000 Balance)
    Fixed Volume
    ===================  Closing
    If a Position go to Loss :
    Take Profit Mode
    User Defined Take Profit (Points)
    Stop Loss Mode
    User Defined Stop Loss (Points)
    Averaging Distance (Points)
    Averaging Volume Multiplier
    Averaging Volume Add
    ===================  Trailing
    Trailing Stop Loss
    Trailing Start (Points)
    Trailing Stop (Points)
    Trailing Step (Points)
    Break Even
    Activate Break Even After Loss (Points)

* All above points input defaults is for 5digit accounts. if your account is 4digit use 0.1x numbers.

Other Versions :

[spoiler title=”

  •     MT5 Version

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