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Alerts in the form of arrows to the entrance: The indicator finds entry points and notifies you about them using mobile or regular alerts

Key Features:

  • Conservative mode. One signal per input for each direction. Ideal for long-term traders.
  • Aggressive mode. Multiple input signals in one direction. Ideal for active traders looking to capture multiple movements within a single trend.
  • Trigger level. The price entry line reduces the number of false signals.
  • Data panel. Allows you to see the past results of the indicator on any instrument and timeframe.
  • Push notifications. Push notifications about the appearance of arrows, the trigger level, and changes in the trigger level.

The indicator indicates ONLY the input. Given all the variety of market conditions, a trader will need many different exit strategies and deal management. Exit the trade when the opposite signal appears is NOT recommended, because Entry Arrow Alerts is NOT an indicator of the upper and lower levels. Trying to work on such levels will lead to a large number of false inputs.

As you can see from the screenshots, Entry Arrow Alerts was created for fairly large timeframes (from H4) and the pairs EURUSD, XAUUSD (Gold) and WTICrude (Oil).

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If you want to use the indicator on smaller timeframes, consider the long-term trend, market volume, and economic news.


  • Signal Setting-conservative / aggressive signals
  • Show Trigger Line – show / hide the trigger line
  • Draw Lines for n Bars – (default 2) for how many bars will the trigger line be displayed
  • Line Width – the width of the trigger line
  • Arrow Size – the size of the arrows
  • Look Back Bars – the number of bars for historical analysis in the ” Market Overview”
  • Minimum Pips for win – the minimum value in pips, which is considered a profit


  • Alert Entry Arrow-entry point arrow
  • Alert Trigger Line Price Change-alert about a change in the trigger line
  • Alert Trigger Line Hit-alert about the intersection of the trigger line
  • Pop Up Alert – pop-up alert
  • Email Alert – email alert
  • Push notifications
  • Sound Alert – sound alert


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