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The utility displays various data that is extremely often needed by both developers and traders. This data is obtained from all available functions of the SymbolInfoDouble type and similar ones. All information about the current symbol, open position, or past trades is collected compactly and in one place. The allowed trading volumes, the cost of 1 point or the account name, and much more can be found quickly thanks to this assistant.

The attached screenshots show how much data is offered for analysis and how it is conveniently located.

Available tab information:

  • Symbol – Contract size, spread, cost of 1 point, allowed volumes, and much more
  • Account – Free margin, stopout level, leverage, balance, etc.
  • Terminal – Trading permissions for the terminal, available memory, number of processors, etc.
  • MQL – Trade permits for experts
  • Deal – The volumes and prices recorded in the transaction, the order ticket on the basis of which the transaction was carried out, etc.
  • Order – The time of sending the order, the initial volume, etc.
  • Position – Current position stops, profit, ticket, magic, and more
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