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The trading expert works with the EUR/USD currency pair. Deals are opened almost every day, during the opening of the London Stock Exchange. The robot does not use indicators. To protect the account from trading during the spread expansion, the MaxSpread parameter is added, in which you specify the maximum allowed spread for trading. It is extremely important to configure the “OpeningOfTheLSE” parameter for your time. In it, you must specify the opening time of the London Stock Exchange in your local time.

Recommended parameters

Currency pair: EUR/USD;

Timeframe: H1;

Minimum deposit:$300;

External variables

  • Lots – the volume of a fixed lot;
  • MoneyManagement – the volume of the lot, which depends on the size of the deposit and the risk level set by the trader;
  • Risk – the level of acceptable risk;
  • Magic – unique order number;
  • Step – minimum order price difference in the grid;
  • OpeningOfTheLSE – the opening time of the London Stock Exchange, according to the trader’s local time;
  • TakeProfit – Takeprofit;
  • Slippage – slippage;
  • MaxSpread – maximum allowed spread;
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