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The EA is designed to work on Hedge accounts.

The main task of this Expert Advisor is to get out of the drawdown that has arisen. for example, when using risky strategies. The Expert Advisor can work with or without full locking.

This Expert Advisor does not open deals by itself, except for the locking position. He uses the profits of other Expert Advisors to close unprofitable orders, accumulating the results of closed profit trades in a special buffer. Other Expert Advisors can be run on any instrument available in the terminal – both on the current one, where the drawdown occurred, and on any other. The settings are flexible enough to organize the work most efficiently and selectively.

In addition, it closes and reduces unprofitable positions when entering the plus. When full locking is enabled, the lock balance is maintained. In total, 26 algorithms of various overlap methods are used (will be added in the future), 4 profit-trawling algorithms are used to most effectively reduce the volume of unprofitable positions. Several types of alerts, automatic lock disclosure function.

The robot setup may seem complicated, a detailed description of possible use cases will be published in the blog.

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Since the adviser does not open new deals himself, except for locking, in the strategy tester he works in a special demo mode consisting of three stages:

During the test in visual mode, you can check all the functions available from the Expert Advisor control panel.

The Expert Advisor is also adapted to work in fully automatic mode on Metaqutes VPS servers. In this case, the work scenario is written in the settings.

Description of the settings in the blog


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