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Extended Candlestick Patterns


Trading on Japanese candle patterns is more reliable for a long time. Analysis of Japanese candlesticks was invented a long time ago, and
is often used in our time. However, not all traders know a lot of candlestick patterns, and not all can constantly monitor the market. This Expert Advisor
recognizes many candle patterns, opens a trade at the right time, and displays the name of the candle pattern (when the option is enabled
ShowInfo). The extended version, in addition to showing the names of candle patterns on the chart, has many additional features
compared to the simple version (for example, the ADX volatility indicator, the dynamic stop loss parameter, settings for optimization and lot
management). The Expert Advisor can determine both simple models consisting of 1 candle, and complex ones from 2 to 5 candles. This Expert Advisor
it is recommended to use it on a 4-hour timeframe, as well as on a daily and 1-hour timeframe. As a currency pair, it is better to use EUR/USD,
but you can also use it on others (only then you need to carefully optimize the parameters). 

  • Lots – lot size (if Lots=0, then the lot will be calculated from the percentage of free funds in the account);
  • Percentage of free money – the percentage of free funds to open each new transaction (works when
  • MaxSpread – the maximum spread for opening a trade (for accounts with a floating spread, so that the trade is opened when the spread is
    not too big);
  • Magic (unique identifier) – unique identifier (it is necessary to make it different if the same terminal is running
    multiple expert advisors);
  • MaxTakeProfit – maximum take profit;
  • MaxStopLoss – maximum stop loss;
  • EnableAutoClose-enables and disables automatic order closing when a reverse signal appears;
  • FactorDynamicSL-dynamic stop loss ratio (recommended values from 0 to 2.5) when enabled (greater than
    0), Stop-loss depends on the candle model (but not more than the MaxStopLoss value);
  • Stop to breakeven after-sets the stop loss to breakeven after passing so many points (0-off).);
  • TrailingStopValue – the value of the trailing stop (0 – do not use a simple trailing stop);
  • StopToParabolicStep-enabling the parabolic trailing stop, setting the parabolic step value for the trailing stop (0 –
  • SetStopToLastFractal-enabling the trailing stop for the last fractal;
  • EnableVolume-when enabled, the candle volumes of almost every model are taken into account;
  • MinForceModel – minimum strength of the candlestick pattern to enter the trade (1 or 2);
  • CountCandlesLength – the number of candles to determine the optimal candle length in the model (recommended from 10 to 50);
  • AdxPeriod – period of the ADX indicator;
  • MinAdxLevel – the minimum level of the ADX indicator;
  • MaxAdxLevel – the maximum level of the ADX indicator;
  • MinuteOpen – the minute after which the trade will be opened (to wait a little after the candle closes, when the market
    it will cool down);
  • Trading start hour – the hour when the Expert Advisor starts trading;
  • Trading end hour – trading end hour;
  • OrdersComments-comment on open trades;
  • OneTradeOnly – when enabled, only 1 trade can be opened at a time;
  • CntBarslastSignalIsActive – number of signal activity bars for other Expert Advisors;
  • IncLotAfterProfit-increase the lot after the profitable closing of the previous trade;
  • DecLotAfterLoss-reduce the lot after the loss-making closing of the previous trade;
  • CntHoursForVerificationOrder-parameter to simplify optimization; when it is greater than 0, at least one transaction must be
    performed in this number of hours (to immediately discard the parameters that are not suitable for the number of transactions, creating a permanent one
    loss), 0 – do not use this parameter, and 2 of the following (it is better not to use it during trading, but to specify it during optimization
    100-2000 depending on the timeframe);
  • ProfitToLossRatio – the number of gains to losses (for optimization), 0 – off;
  • MaxAllowableLoss – the maximum loss above which the deposit will be drained during testing (for optimization), 0 – off;
  • ShowInfo – show information (when enabled, the information is shown at the top in the corner, and also displayed
    the names of the candlestick patterns directly on the chart above or below the signal candle).

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