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Extended Hull Moving Average MT5


The indicator is an extended version
of the Alan Hull Moving Average. In addition to the parameters
the selection of the price and smoothing mode for each of the internal
moving averages, including the resulting one, is displayed. Also
, the “half-period” of the moving average is added to the parameters separately for a wider
selection of values. In addition, it is possible to shift the straight line
to the left/right on the chart, and up/down in points and / or percentages.
The rise/fall of the moving average is highlighted in different colors.

  • MainPeriod – the period for calculating the internal main moving average
  • HalfPeriod – the period for calculating the “half-period” moving average, in the original version, half of the MainPeriod
  • MainLinePriceType-price for calculating the main moving average
  • HalfLinePriceType-price for calculating the “half-period” moving average
  • MainSmoothingMethod-smoothing mode for the main moving average
  • HalfSmoothingMethod-smoothing mode for the “half-period” moving average
  • ResultSmoothingMethod – smoothing mode for the final moving average
  • VerticalShift-chart offset up/down in points
  • PercentShift – chart offset up/down as a percentage
  • Displace – chart offset to the left/right in bars
  • ArrowUp – code of the growth symbol
  • ArrowDn-code of the drop symbol
  • AddDigits – additional precision after the decimal point
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