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Extremum Scalper is a fully automatic Expert Advisor that uses dynamic MM, probabilistic analysis, as well as a breakout/rebound strategy from the levels of daily and local extremes and candle highs. The analyzed parameters are the price maxima and tick volume. 

  • It works in different markets with all execution modes (Trade Execution).
  • Does not use martingale or hidden methods to increase the volume of the position.
  • It has 9 different algorithms for calculating extremes.
  • It uses drawdown protection, slippage control and a spread filter.
  • Flexible settings allow you to create your own scalping strategy.


Full description 

  • Trade Direction-select the direction of trade Buy/Sell/Both.
  • Average Risk of 10 consecutive losses – the average risk for a losing series of 10 orders as a percentage.
  • Fix LotSize – a fixed lot, used if Maximum Risk 10 serial losses = 0.
  • Maximum Daily Loss and Maximum Daily AverageSlippage – the maximum allowable daily losses and slippages. If they are not equal to zero , when the specified values are reached, the Expert Advisor will take a pause and go into standby mode until the beginning of the next day.
  • Spread Filter – The maximum allowable spread at which orders will be opened. Disabled if it is equal to 0.
  • Add Spread – when enabled, the value of the current spread will be added to the stop loss, take profit and the parameters of the trawl.
  • Strategy-strategies LocalChannel, DaysPlusChannel, GreedChannel-differ in the number of simultaneously set levels. These modes are sensitive to the spread and the amount of commission on the account. The MaxPoint,MaxVolume,MaxSize,StaticSize and CandleMix modes are based on finding the maximum values of the corresponding parameters of the current candle, the size of which is controlled by the following setting Extremum Candle Size. These modes are more resistant to the spread size, but the number of transactions on them is significantly less than in the previous modes.
  • Extremum Range – the number of candlesticks (range) to search for extremes.
  • The Period of placing orders – The period of time after which the conditions for setting new pending orders are checked.
  • The Maximum Period of existence orders– the period during which the pending order will exist.
  • Minimum Distance of placing orders – the minimum distance from the price at which the order is placed. If it is equal to zero , it will be calculated automatically .
  • HighCorrection,LowCorrection – the distance from the extremes at which the order will be placed. It can take a positive and negative value.
  • Use Rebound orders – use a rebound strategy from the extreme level.
  • Rebound place Mode – the mode of setting a rebound order. Candle-the order will be placed on the High/Low of the previous candle. The stop order will be placed at the stop loss level of the main order.
  • Trade LOG LEVEL – the logging mode responsible for the number of information output by the Expert Advisor, which can be viewed in the “Log” and “Experts“.
  • Acceleration of the optimization and testing – allows you to speed up optimization and testing. When it is enabled, the parameters Maximum Daily Loss and Maximum Daily AverageSlippage will not be taken into account during optimization and testing.

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  • The priority timeframe is M30.
  • I recommend using pairs with an average spread of less than 10 points.


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