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FastPipsScalp is an indicator for scalping on short timeframes with small values of StopLoss and TakeProfit. It can also be used on binary options.

The indicator shows the preferred direction calculated by it for opening short-term trades. This displays the label in any of the four corners of the graph selected by the user. In accordance with it, an arrow appears at the opening of a new bar according to the original calculation algorithm, as well as an audio and visual alert for quickly opening a trade. By default, the parameter “Conservative method” = true, which means that the signals appear in strict accordance with the direction of the current trend. Switching this parameter to false means that anti-trend signals will appear along with trend signals. The choice of the value of this parameter is entirely up to the user and depends on his trading tactics. The number of signals on the trend is also regulated by the user, it can take values from 1 to infinity. Keep in mind that trends do not last forever, so do not overestimate the value of this parameter.

The FastPipsScalp indicator is complicated, but it is easy and easy to use. All its signals are clear and unambiguous. The arrows appear at the opening of a new bar and never redraw, change their position, or disappear. All FastPipsScalp parameters are set to the M1 timeframe by default, but each trader should adjust them according to their trading tactics.

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  • Trend sensitivity (rough) – sensitivity of the current trend (rough), recommended values from 3 to 30
  • Trend sensitivity (fine) – sensitivity of the current trend (thin), recommended values from 0.02 to 1.0
  • Number of signals – the number of desired signals, recommended values from 1 to 10
  • Conservative method-switching the indicator modes (true-conservative method, false-aggressive)
  • Bars to calculate – the number of bars to calculate, recommended from 1000, depends on the power of the computer
  • Alert Message – a message about the signal that appears (true-enabled, false-disabled)
  • Alert Sound – sound notification of the alarm (true-enabled, false-disabled)
  • Alert Email-sending a signal to an email address, additional terminal configuration is required (true-enabled, false-disabled)
  • Alert Mobile-sending Push notifications, additional terminal configuration is required (true-enabled, false-disabled)
  • SignalArrow gap – distance from the HighLow of the current bar to the arrow
  • Arrow size – arrow size
  • SignalArrow color BUYSELL – the color of the signal arrow
  • Color “only BUY”, “only SELL” – the font color of the label about the current trend
  • Font size – the font size of the label
  • Font type-font type, only from the WindowsFonts directory
  • Corner-the corner where the current trend label is displayed


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