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Uncertain at the time of making the decision to realize total or partial profits?

Fear and Greed MT5 provides great help with a high level of reliability when making such decistions.


Fear and Greed MT5 is the first indicator that offers information on the Fear and Greed level in the market for MT5.

It has been developed to facilitate the decision-making at the time of entring a trade and taking total or partial profits. It shows possible pivot key zones in the current timeframe and can be used to find entries of potential trades in bearish and bullish markets.

Ideal for HOLD, SCALPING and SWING strategies

At the same time, Fear and Greed MT5 provides an alerts and notifications system on mobile phone and at the MT5 Terminal when Fear and Greed reach the market.

Some of the characteristics of the indicator are the following:

  • Time saving
  • Ease of decision-making for taking full or partial benefits
  • Highly customizable
  • Multitimeframe
  • Functional on all pairs (Crypto, Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities …)
  • Perfect for Scalping or Swing trading
  • Highlights potential market reversal areas
  • Alerts and notifications on the MT5 terminal and on the mobile phone

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Input parameters

The default Slow and Fast parameters offer great results. Fear and Greed zones can be adjusted to better suit different markets such as indices, stocks, and crypto.


  • Slow: Slow analysis of market sentiment
  • Fast : Quick analysis of market sentiment
  • Greed: Greed level on the market
  • Fear: Fear level on the market


  • Customize indicator’s colors

For questions or timely support, write an email to: [email protected]

Diego Arribas, private investor and speculator, automation engineer in the aerospace industry


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