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ProFactor is an indicator generating signals based price on the famous profit factor formula.

The calculation  is simply defined as gross GREEN BARS divided by gross RED BARS.
That’s it in a nutshell, but sometimes the simplest things hold the most value.
So let’s imagine your trading system’s gross profit for the past year was $40,000 and your gross losses were $20,000. Your Profit Factor would be 2.

The ProFactor calculation works on the price of the asset instead of the strategy outcome.

You can change the cross ratio to move the signal, and the number of bars in the calculation. and filter false signals that to ignore. 


  • nBarsNewSignalDelay – delay false signals
  • Control Ratio = 1.1  –  Drawing arrows on the chart when ratio is crossed.
  • RatioBars = 30 . How many bars in the calculation of the ratio.
  • Alerts – on off audible alerts.
  • E-mail notification – on off. email notifications.
  • Puch-notification – on off. Push notifications.
  • Next, adjust the color gamut.

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