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FFx InsideBar Setup Alerter


The FFx InsideBar Setup Alerter indicator gives trading recommendations for entering the market, TP 1, TP 2 and SL.

The following options are available:

  • Entry recommendations – the number of pips that will be added after the break to enter the market
  • Minimum candle size – to avoid offering too close market entry points for buy/sell
  • 3 different options for calculating SL-by pips, using the ATR multiplier, or using the High/Low model
  • 3 different options for calculating two TP’s – by pips, using the ATR multiplier or the Risk ratio/Profit
  • Panel offset – any position on the chart
  • Recommendations are removed when the price reaches the SL level
  • The extension lines are drawn away from the current candle
  • All colors can be changed-background, text, Buy/Sell, Input, TP/SL
  • The indicator informs the user about finding the necessary trading situation by means of an audio, pop-up or push notification, or by email

Once the recommendation is received, you can check it with your own chart analysis. The best trading situations tend to occur near important support/resistance levels, round numbers, supply and demand zones, etc.

I wish you successful trading. Thank you for your trust.

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