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FFx Pivot SR Suite PRO


The version for MetaTrader 5 is available here:

FFx Pivot SR Suite PRO is a complete set of tools for building support and resistance levels. Support and resistance are the most used levels in all types of trading.

They can be used to search for trend reversals, set take profit and stop loss levels, etc.

  • Choose from 4 calculation periods: 4-hour, daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Choose from 4 formulas to calculate: Classic, Camarilla, Fibonacci, and Woodies)
  • Ability to choose your own OHLC price for custom calculation
  • Ability to select alerts separately for each level
  • Each level can be hidden
  • Levels can be configured to display multiple periods of history (great for exploring past trading conditions)
  • The panel can be moved (by dragging) to any place on the chart
  • Ability to show or hide the level table
  • Ability to show or hide level lines

  • Panel ID – the number for each copy running on the same graph
  • History Back Period – the number of periods for building support/resistance lines
  • Show Lines Text-display the name and price of each level
  • Lines Text Shift-offset of the lines text from the current candle
  • Lines Style – the style of the lines (solid, dotted, etc.).)
  • Lines Width – the thickness of the lines
  • Levels Colors – colors for each level
  • Fibo Levels-Percentage Fibonacci levels for calculating support/resistance levels
  • Alert at Candle close-enable the submission of alerts at the close of the candle
  • Sound Alert-turn on the sound alert
  • Sound File-select an audio file for the notification
  • Popup Alert-enable popup alerts
  • Email Alert-Enable email alerts
  • Push Alert-enable sending push notifications
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