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Fibo Retracao Maxima e Minima Demo


  • Functional in the Forex market.
  • Functional in the B3 market – Bolsa Brasil Balcão.


The technical Fibonacci retraction indicator for many is essential and the basis for all market movement forecasts. The name of the tool comes from the Italian mathematician Leonardo de Pisa (13th century).

This DEMO version will work in Meta Trader with Demo and Strategy Tester.

To purchase the Full version that works on a Real account, click on:


The Fibo Retraction is an automated indicator that traces the Fibonacci retraction according to the values ​​of the Maximum and Minimum prices of the day, the retraction is created to serve as a support or resistance reference in the percentage levels: 23.6%, 38.2%, 50 % and 61.8%.

Input parameters

  • Crossline color – Select a color or leave it default.
  • Level Color – Select a color or leave it default.
  • Levels line style – Choose the line type or leave it default.
  • Line width of Levels – Choose the width of the lines or leave default.
  • Background levels – Select how to display in the overlay or background graphic.
  • Activate Fibonacci on wave II – Select true or false to display the second fibo in the retraction of the maximum or minimum of the day.
  • Line width of Wave II Levels – Select the width of fibo wave II or leave default.
  • Color of wave II levels – Select a color of wave II levels or leave default.

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To purchase the Full version that works on a Real account, click on: 

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