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Fibonacci Swing Scalp Two


The indicator is a modified Fibonacci-SS indicator with different behavior when placing pending orders and the TP line.

Automatic placement of the Fibonacci lines from the maximum to the minimum of the visible bars:

This indicator, along with other numerous achievements of mankind, is created on the basis of mathematical proportions applied in many directions and structures of nature.

Discovering these patterns and getting the best alternative indicators before trading provides an advantage over most Forex traders.

The product is suitable for scalping trading on any timeframe.

  • Depth-shift = number of bars – depth (default is 12).
  • Deviation – the maximum / minimum deviation of the price (default is 5).
  • Backstep-shows on the graph of visual analysis of the entry point on the history
  • Alert – enable / disable push notifications when the price of the Fibo area is touched.
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