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Volume Analysis Trader


The Volume Analysis Trader indicator analyzes the volume based on a fixed average value. This averaging helps you determine when the volume is growing or decreasing. In addition, the indicator detects volume spikes when the value suddenly exceeds the average volume. Such jumps allow you to determine the market reversal.

How the indicator can help traders in trading:

  • An increase in volume indicates a strengthening trend. The decrease in volume indicates a weakening of the trend.

As a rule, on daily charts, if the current volume is higher than yesterday’s volume, the trend is likely to continue.

  • A sharp jump in volume can mean a reversal. No one likes to hold losing trades. Usually, as soon as you close such a painful position, the trend starts to go in the right direction, when it is too late. This is how amateurs usually act.


  • Improved way to detect volume behavior.
  • Select the averaging period.
  • Customize colors for volumes and jumps.
  • Setting up sending notifications to your screen, email, or smartphone.


  • Spike – the value of the jump at which the signal will be generated.
  • Extreme Spike – the value of the extreme spike at which the signal will be generated.
  • Averaging Volume Period – the period for averaging the volume.

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  • Bull Histogram Color – the color of the bullish histogram.
  • Bear Histogram Color – the color of the bear histogram.
  • Extreme Spike Color – the color of a strong jump.
  • Spike Color – the color of the jump.


  • Soundfile – the sound file for the notification.
  • PlaySound – enable / disable the sound notification.
  • MessageBox – enable / disable the pop-up notification.
  • SendEmail – enable / disable sending email notifications.
  • SendMobile – enable / disable sending push notifications to your phone.


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