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Follow Lines Follow Trend Discoloration line For 5


Indicators for trend indicators!
A trading system based on three moving averages. Trade on the trend and let your profits grow.

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Necessary for traders: tools and indicators

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Writing a professional indicators and expert Advisor.
First of all, we must understand that all moving averages are lagging indicators. They can only then tell you that the market has turned around, even if they provide valuable information and help you establish a position, they can’t help maximize profits. Therefore, it should be used in conjunction with the return area of the average value. The price can follow the instructions of an important support line, rather than lag behind. When the market starts from the current tunnel and follows the trend, the transaction can continue to follow, and finally, a large profit can be made. Strengthen your position in the trend, finally complete this round of trading and start following the trend.
The essence of trading returns to the simple and natural …


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