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Forex Gump is a fully ready semi-automatic trading system. In the form of arrows, the screen displays signals for
opening and closing of transactions. All you have to do is follow the instructions of the indicator. When the indicator shows a blue arrow, you need to
open a buy order. When the indicator shows a red arrow, you need to open a sell order. We close orders when the
indicator draws a yellow cross. In order to get the most effective result, we recommend using H1 timeframes,
H4, D1. There is less noise on these timeframes. The price is more stable on the trend. Also, on large timeframes, each price movement after the
signal is hundreds, and sometimes thousands of points. In this case, the broker’s spread and swap minimally affect the result. On small
timeframes, the indicator’s performance is strongly affected by the broker’s spread and swap. Therefore, on small timeframes, the indicator is effective only with
minimal broker commissions. If your broker has a high commission, you are better off trading on large timeframes.

  • does not redraw signals
  • not late
  • shows when to open and close trades
  • works on all currency pairs and timeframes

  • Information – enable / disable the display of additional information and the logo.
  • Short_Wave – the value of the trend wave amplitude.
  • period – the period of the indicator.
  • Period_Ma – the period of the filter.

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