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UPD1 Impulse Candle


The indicator looks for impulse candles and displays them on the chart.

Enables the shadow filter. It also finds the breakdown levels of Bollinger Bands.

In the settings, you can enable a multi-currency dashboard.

Notification Choose between the current schedule or the entire list.

Blog-Link – Retest and Fake Breakout with UPD1

Trading patterns:

Retest by trend

False breakdown



M15, M30, H1

Input parameters

Bars Counthistory to display

Coeff Period – the period for calculation

Min HL Coeff is the coefficient above which candles are searched for. By default, 2.0, but for more signals on higher timeframes, you can set 1.5.

Shadow Filter – the higher the value, the larger the size of shadows can be on candles. It is advisable to put 50 and below

    Color Bar – enable/disable candle filling

    Width Color Bar (-1 auto) – fill thickness. By default -1 is auto, at which the fill corresponds to the thickness of the candles

    Show Arrows On Chart – display numeric values over large candles. They mean how many times the candle is larger than the average value

    [spoiler title=”

    UP Label Color – Buy candle color

    DN Label Color – the color of the Sell candle

    Indent Coeff – indent of the number from the candle

    Size – font size

      BB Filter – when turned on, it displays only those large candles that have closed behind the channel

      BB MA Period

      BB MA Price

      BB Deviation

      BB Shift

        BB Cross OC Candle – show or not show the intersection of a large channel candle (on closing)

        BB Cross Extend Bars – line length

        BB Cross Arrow Code – icon code

        BB Cross Arrow Size – icon size

          Dashboard – enable/disable multi-currency dashboard

          Symbol Lyst – write down the tools you need to control

          View M1-MN – enter monitoring periods

            Alert – enable/disable the alert (Current Chart / Dashboard List)

            Alert Work Time – alert working time 00:00-23:59 (edited)

            Alert Pop Up – pop-up window

            Alert Push notification in the app

            Alert Email – email notification

            Alert Sound – enable or disable sound

            Alert Sound Name – sound file


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