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This index, made by Mustapha BELKHAYATE, is now available free of charge. The index is designed to schedule the market and identify the minutes with the lowest risk to enter the market.

Use this index along with the middle of Gravity index to find cost extremes. Then examine the indicator to determine the Timing of Free trade during the potential change points.

This indicator is an oscillator like the Relative Strength index indicator. The indicator values are in the range from 0 to 100, where values under 30 or 20 indicate oversold, and values over 70 or 80 warn of overbought. The green color indicates the upward momentum of the price, and the red color indicates the downward momentum.

  • len = calculation of the indicator period.
  • filter = filtering the indicator signals. This value is added to the previous values of the indicator for comparison with the most recently obtained values. In this way, you can filter out signals during periods of too low volatility. The filter accepts values from zero and higher, including fractional numbers. The higher the value, the fewer signals will be received.
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