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Green Wall Arrows achieves a lot of TP by changing the idea of not using SL as something bad. Instead, a small TP, a large amount of free funds and patience are used. To trade with this indicator on Forex, use micor-TP and a large amount of free funds. It is also possible to use it on binary options.

This strategy is designed for manual trading.

  • This indicator works at the opening of the bar, the arrows will be removed if the price goes against them.
  • The only indicator parameter is Alerts (true/false), everything else is included in the code.
  • The arrows are served at the very beginning of the formation of the bar, so you always have good entry points and more chances of profit.
  • Added alerts to avoid disappearing arrows
  • Extremely easy to use, follow the arrows or alerts set by it, use a TP of 5 pips.
  • Avoid weekends and times with low volatility
  • Tested on the Forex – Commodities – Energy – Indices – Futures – Binary Options markets
  • Once you choose your timeframe, stick to it. Otherwise, you may get confused, as up arrows on the M15 and down arrows on the M30 may appear.

Money management for using this indicator and strategy

  • Use 0.01 for every $ 1000 on an account with a leverage of 1: 200
  • Use a TP of $ 0.5 for every 0.01 lots
  • I don’t use SL, but if necessary, I close a small loss at the close of the day. I check the arrows on the D1 and H4 charts to find out whether to leave the order open or close it.
  • Open any number of trades, but only one trade for each arrow on the chart.
  • As an SL for sell orders, you can use the highest maximum for the last 5 bars. The same is true for buy orders.
  • If you don’t use SL, make sure that you have many orders open.
  • You can cover losses with profit at the close of the day or the next day. This allows you to improve your capital/risk management.

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  • Use on binary options. I get good trades using a timeframe older than the one I’m trading on. For example, when trading fast on M1, I use the indicator on the M5 chart to receive notifications.

Don’t overdo it with this strategy. However, this does not mean not opening as many orders as you want.

I make 20-70 trades on the arrows every day.

I am glad that you are testing this indicator, and I will be happy to read your comments.



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