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Super Trend Bars-an indicator for determining the trend. He tries to find the trends that are most likely to continue. A set of indicators and a set of algorithms are used.

The trend probability changes color when a trend is detected. Red indicates a downtrend. The light green color indicates an uptrend. The Super Trend Bar changes color when a trend is detected.

  • This indicator is an independent trend indicator.
  • It can work without additional indicators.
  • When the first light green column appears, open a purchase transaction.
  • The first red column will serve as the stop loss level.
  • Use the move of the stop loss level along with the take profit level.
  • Move the stop loss level as far as possible.
  • Because he’s looking for big trends.
  • The same is true for sales transactions.

  • TrendBars_period – the period of the indicator. The default value is 14.
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