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A grid Expert Advisor with an adaptive system for “Sorting out” a basket of orders can also be used to restore unprofitable positions on the account.

It works inside the linear regression channel, the input is based on several conditions. The signal uses the direction of the linear regression channel, exponential moving averages, average daily volatility, then builds a grid of orders if the price deviates. 

The grid step is adjusted, and if the price goes against us, then after a certain number of orders, the account recovery function is activated (reducing drawdown), the most distant unprofitable orders are reduced by closing counter orders with a profit.

Thus, the Expert Advisor overcomes almost any recoilless movements and drawdowns. The chart displays information about the profit and draws the regression channel itself.

The Expert Advisor can also accompany transactions opened in manual mode or opened by another expert – it settles them and displays the account in plus.

The recommended deposit amount is from $500.

Timeframe M15

In automatic mode, you must have a VPS. 


  • START_LOT – the initial lot for FROM_BALANCE-for N balance units
  • LOT_MULTIPLIER – lot multiplier in the order grid;
  • MAX_LOT – maximum lot;
  • PERIOD – the number of bars to calculate;
  • COEFFICIENT-coefficient for calculating the channel boundaries;
  • DEGREE – the type of channel construction;
  • MIN_CHANNEL_WIDTH – the minimum width of the channel to enter the transaction;
  • PERIOD_ATR, TIMEFRAME_ATR – the period and timeframe of the ATR values for determining the average volatility;
  • FASTER_MA – the period of the fast moving average;
  • FASTER_MA_METHOD – fast moving average averaging method;
  • FASTER_MA_PRICE – the price used;
  • FASTER_MA_SHIFT-shift;
  • SLOWER_MA – the period of the slow moving average;
  • SLOWER_MA_METHOD – method for averaging a slow moving average;
  • SLOWER_MA_PRICE – the price used;
  • SLOWER_MA_SHIFT – shift;
  • STEP_ORDERS – step of the order grid;
  • STEP_MULTIPLIER – multiplication factor of the order step, if = -1, then it is not used;
  • MAX_STEP – the maximum step of the order grid;
  • OVERLAP_ORDERS – from which order to enable the order overlap function;
  • OVERLAP_PIPS – minimum profit in pips for closing unprofitable orders;
  • STOPLOSS, TAKEPROFIT-stop loss and take profit in pips, at =-1 is not used;
  • BREAKEVEN_STOP, BREAKEVEN_STEP – the level and the breakeven step, when =-1 is not used;
  • TRAILING_STOP, TRAILING_STEP – the level and step of the trailing stop, when =-1 is not used;
  • MAGIC_NUMBER, ORDERS_COMMENT – the magic number of orders and a comment;
  • START_TIME, END_TIME – the time at which it is allowed to open orders. if = “00:00”, then it is not used;

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