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HedgeTerminalApi is a software interface that allows you to use HedgeTerminal virtualization technologies in your robots and scripts. Using HedgeTerminalApi, you can conduct multidirectional trading when two or more trading algorithms take opposite positions on the same trading instrument. The library allows robots to track their positions, even if these positions completely or partially overlap each other. Moreover, you can use this library to connect your robots to the visual panel-HedgeTerminalUltimate. It will display the actions of your robots and their multidirectional positions in real time, which will take your work to a new level.

HedgeTerminalApi is not a separate collection of functions or even a separate solution for a narrow range of tasks. HedgeTerminalApi is a convenient software access to powerful virtualization technologies that implement all products of the HedgeTerminal line. With this library, you acquire reliable virtualization and multidirectional trading technologies for your business processes. On its basis, you can build complex shopping complexes consisting of many independent elements. 

HedgeTerminalApi has many interesting features that make the use and purchase of this library profitable:

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  • Reliability. In the process of developing the architecture of the software solution, reliability issues were given key attention. HedgeTerminal has thousands of lines of source code. The ultimate goal of most of its codes is to ensure reliability. Since HedgeTerminal is a specialized, infrastructure-based solution, its overall level of reliability is crucial to its success. This is why HedgeTerminal compares favorably with personal, custom solutions. After all, in order to write a solution of a similar level for their trading robots, the user would have to develop infrastructure algorithms that exceed the size of the trading code itself by tens of times.  
  • Ability to connect to the HedgeTerminalUltimate panel. If you are the license holder of the HedgeTerminalUltimate visual dashboard, you have the ability to track the status of your trading robots directly in it. Moreover, you can use this panel on the fly, without restarting your algorithms, to set or change the level of stop loss or take profit for your experts, force close positions of your Expert Advisors, analyze the results of your experts in real time and on the history in a convenient and modern table of positions.
  • Use on remote VPS and work simultaneously on different computers. Most of the data used for virtualization is taken from information about the account, its trades, and orders. This means that no matter where and in what number your library instances are running, if they are connected to the same account, they will see each other’s positions and will always manage only their own part of the position. For example, you can install a virtualization library with your robots on a remote VPS and monitor their performance on your home computer via HedgeTerminalUltimate, which will display the states and positions of your algorithms in real time.
  • Simplicity and functionality. The library API resembles the syntax of the MQL5 system functions. If you know this programming language, then you will not be difficult to understand the library API. For example, the analog of the HistoryDealSelect function in HedgeTerminalApi is the HedgeDealSelect function, and the analog of the OrderSelect function is the HedgeOrderSelect function. Moreover, if MQL5 provides access to the properties of orders and transactions as if they are not related transactions, then the HedgeTerminal programming interface organizes higher-level access to this data. Using its API, you can, for example, select a position that interests you, and then, if necessary, find out which orders are included in it and which trades these orders consist of. In addition, positions, orders, and trades provide advanced properties that are not directly available in MQL5. For example, you can find out the price at which the order/position was actually executed or get the amount of position slippage.
  • Free use in test mode. You can create and test robots using virtualization technologies for free. To use the library in test mode, you do not need to purchase a license for it. Write custom robots and test the technology for free.
  • Opportunities. If you are an advanced trader and you already have a HedgeTerminalUltimate, its capabilities may not be enough for you. For example, if you want to automate your trading, or create your own report system based on HedgeTerminal, or use complex techniques to track your positions – for all this and much more, HedgeTerminalApi will be extremely useful. It has a well-developed API that allows you to access even those values and properties that may not be displayed in HedgeTerminalUltimate. In addition, the API functions allow you to use complex tracking of positions that are limited or unavailable in the panel.

How do I start using the library right now? The “Discussion” section provides detailed instructions for installing HedgeTerminalApi. Follow these instructions and watch for a video about installing and using HedgeTerminalApi.


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