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High frequency trend tracking


Use small stops tracking stops to capture maximum profit in short term trends.

Fixed initial trading volume of 0.01 hands.Trading volume will be dynamically added by 1% based on the current balance.

This EA belongs to high frequency trading, which is risky. Please use it carefully for firm trading.

Backtest only applies to select mode 1 Minutes OHLC.

Apply to most currency pairs and gold.


Parameter description:

Timeframes: Timeframe selection. Default H1

Volume: Volume or proportion. Default 0.01.

Volume Usage ratio: Trading volume is proportional.  Default true.

Min SL: minimum stop loss (point value)

Tracking Trigger:  Trace the stop trigger position (positive number is the point value, negative number is the proportion)

Note: Historical backtests do not represent the future, so choose carefully.


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