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The Hungry Spider Expert Advisor is a convenient trading panel, as well as an indispensable assistant in trading, accompanying your transactions and establishing a system of requests (not pending orders), together with the possibility of Push notifications.

Hungry Spider is a trading panel that allows you to save some time on trading. The Expert Advisor will not open the orders itself, but it sets the grid. The grid is opened not by turn-down orders, but by opening in the actual price. The grid could be disabled and enabled in a single click. The Expert Advisor also includes a Trailing Stop function, which is also activated in one click, and does not work on the average value of current orders, but also takes into account the volume of orders, which is very important. Hungry Spider allows you not only to use it in real trading, but also to test new strategies in the strategy tester due to the presence of Buy, Sell buttons, which significantly speeds up the testing time than on real data.

The meaning of the grid is that if the price went against your order, then when using it, you need to go only half a way back to make a profit, and using the Martingale multiplier, even a smaller path.

The Expert Advisor also has the function of sending Push notifications to the phone, if there are any changes, it immediately sends a Push notification, and you will immediately be aware of the changes, this also saves a lot of time, and allows you to feel more confident.

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  • You will not send new orders to open/delete a pending order so often
  • It is much faster to disable the grid in 1 click than to delete a lot of pending orders, which can be a problem with high market volatility.

  • Enter the market only on the trend or in the flat, setting a stop loss on the boundaries of the channel.
  • Recommended balance: 300 for lot 0.01.
  • Use less volatile currency pairs
  • During the release of important news, forbid the Expert Advisor to open the grid
  • Before you start, test the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester, and select the optimal parameters for your type of trading
  • Do not use the Martingale system, it is added for those who want to quickly disperse the deposit, increasing the risks.
  • You can set Magic = 0, and trade as usual, the Expert Advisor will assume that open orders are opened by them, this is very convenient when trading pending orders, which will be managed by the Expert Advisor when opened

  • Lot – The lot that the EA will use to open orders.
  • Maximum lot for Martingail – The maximum allowed lot when using Martingale.
  • Martingail – The value by which the volume of each subsequent lot will be multiplied
  • StopLoss – Stop Loss Level.
  • TakeProfit – Take Profit level.
  • Grid Step – The grid step with which to open positions.
  • Trailing stop – The level of the Trailing stop.
  • Trailing start – The minimum level for a Trailing stop for profit.
  • Magic-Magic for the Expert Advisor
  • Slippage – Slippage.
  • Spread maximum – The maximum spread at which it is possible to open an order.
  • Push notifications-Send Push notifications to the phone (if true).
  • Show info-Shows the information on the chart for the current grid of orders.
  • Panel Side – The side from which the panel should be located on the chart
  • Panel X Coordinate-Offset of the panel away from the corner.


  1. The number of points should be specified as for 2 or 4 characters. The Expert Advisor has the function of auto-detecting digits after the decimal point
  2. Parameters: Lot, Maximum Lot, StopLoss, TakeProfit, TrailingStop are automatically checked for compatibility with your broker. If the parameters are more or less than the allowed ones, the Expert Advisor will issue a warning and use the minimum/maximum possible ones
  3. Manually open orders take the Stop loss and take profit levels based on the input parameters, orders that are opened by the Expert Advisor as a grid copy these parameters from the parent order.



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