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ICB Insured Currency Basket


We choose instruments with high correlation for trading. It is necessary that all the tools in the group have a correlation higher than 0.7. To select such tools, I specially made a free BEST CORRELATION script, which can also be downloaded on the market (for free). The Expert Advisor goes through the list and finds the instruments that have deviated by the maximum distance up and down from the starting point and makes counter trades on them. The Expert Advisor sells (sell) at the highest of all instruments and simultaneously buys (buy) at the lowest. Due to this, it turns out insurance against any movement of currencies. But the main thing is to choose the tools themselves in such a way that they are well correlated with each other! Choose tools only with a positive correlation is indicated by the green color!

Trades are closed as soon as the total profit reaches the specified value as a percentage of the deposit.

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