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TradeInfo from IceFX is a utility that displays the most important information about the current account and positions on it.

  • Information about the current account (balance, funds, free margin).
  • Current spread, current drawdown (DD), planned profit, expected loss, etc.
  • The number of open positions, volume (LOT), profit.
  • The range for the past and current day.
  • The remaining time until the next candle.
  • Information about the profit for the last day (using the integrated IceFX ProfitInfo indicator).
  • A lot calculated according to the risk level for opening new positions.
  • Filter by magic number.
  • Filter by comment.

  • ShowProfitInfo – display profit on the dashboard
  • ShowTodayRanges – display today’s/yesterday’s price ranges
  • ShowRiskInfo – display risk on the dashboard
  • ShowAccountOrderInfo – display the invoice on the dashboard
  • RiskStopLoss – stop loss level (in pips) for risk calculation
  • RiskLevels – risk levels. Separated by commas. For example: 1,2,5,10,20,25,30
  • MagicNumber – filter by magic number
  • CommentFilter – filter by comment
  • OnlyAttachedSymbol – display profit/loss only for the current symbol
  • StartDateFilter – the initial date of profit calculation
  • FontSize – font size
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