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Ilon Clustering is an improved Ilon Classic robot, you need to read the description of the Ilon Classic bot and all the statements will be true for this expert. This description provides general provisions and differences from the previous development.
General provisions.
The main goal of the bot is to save your deposit! For the operation of the bot, a deposit of $ 10,000 is recommended and the work will be carried out with drawdowns of no more than a few percent. When working in the future, it can grow several times and make up several percent. Of course, you can reduce the deposit and thus get the bot more risky, but this is not recommended. Normal indicators for the bot are 3-5 percent per year with a drawdown of 0.5%. There is a way to increase the annual percentage! To do this, you need to install several bots on different currency pairs, and optimize them accordingly. This method is much better than the method with an increase in risk for a single currency, since it allows you to diversify your capital by distributing it to a selected portfolio of instruments. Thus, using for example 10 currency pairs, the theoretically predicted interest rates will increase by 10 times, but the risks will also increase. Approximately predicted 30-50%, and 5% drawdown. I will immediately note that we are talking about the projected percentages and the bot in any case does not promise profit, pay attention to this! This bot is designed for those who do not chase profit and carefully treats capital.

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To optimize the bot, use the “Custom Max” goal in the terminal, and in the bot settings, set the Ext Statistics parameter to “COMPLEX CRITERION”. Since the bot has advanced statistics, this parameter takes into account all the necessary indicators in the total coefficient. Therefore, it is recommended to optimize it using the following way. Optimization is also acceptable at M5 opening prices, and this can be done frequently.
The bot has a visual menu. With the help of which you can conveniently monitor your trading performance. You can also see advanced statistics and so on.
Differences from the previous development.
This bot can change its key settings (TrendBars, TrendDegree, PeakLevel, TakeProfit) depending on the cluster where the price is located. This makes trading more calm and predictable. Clasters are formed in accordance with the price, a special author’s algorithm. Clusters in which the price is rarely found are simply filtered and no work is being done in them, work is being done only in those clusters where the price has been for quite a long time, and where you can make some statistical predictions, ignoring the zones where there is too little data for statistics.
The parameters are the same as in the Ilon Classic bot.


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