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iIndex is an expert tool for plotting the index of any asset (currency, metal) that’s traded against the USD.

here are only some of the benefits of the indicator:


Use the usual type of charts, do not limit yourself only to closing prices.

All three display types (bars, candlesticks, line) can be customized – 2 colors and thickness are available.


Decide for yourself what formula for calculating the dollar index to use.

Pick up a basket of tools and assign each one its own weighting factor.

Experiment and create your own index!


If you were to chart the price of Gold and the price of Potatoes using the same scale, it would look not very good.

But who knows, maybe their prices are correlated? 😉

iIndex can be superimposed on each other, and each of them is built on its own scale, which means you can compare the incomparable! 


Why analyze the chart if in 5 minutes it will have a completely different picture?

Why look at the history if it will be corrected the next time you restart the terminal?

That’s right, there’s no need. See and analyze iIndex, it uses only the synchronized prices of all instruments for builds, and after restarting its builds do not change.


Does your favorite broker use the name of their cat as a prefix to the names of all instruments? This is not a problem, iIndex gets along well with pets 🙂

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Also, it does not matter whether the history is loaded in your terminal, and how powerful your computer is – iIndex will take care of loading data and economically calculate only the section necessary for analysis.


Download the free demo version of the indicator and watch how it builds the British Pound (GBP) index. Test the indicator in the tester and observe the rest of the currencies.

You won’t be able to superimpose indexes on top of each other, but you can easily evaluate the rest of the functionality. 

When you are ready, come back to buy the full version, iIndex is waiting for you 🙂


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