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Inside Bar MTF Alerts


The indicator will notify you about the appearance of the “inner bar” pattern on any specified timeframes. Internal bars on the current chart
highlighted in color. The indicator provides sound alerts (alerts), as well as sending email and Push notifications. There is an additional option – a criterion for selecting patterns based on volume.

This development automates the search for internal bars and is a reliable tool in market analysis using the Price Action method.

Display Settings:
  • Draw Mode – the mode of drawing the indicator on the current timeframe (in the form of bars or candles).

Notification Settings:

  • Pattern Name – the name of the pattern in the notifications.
  • Enable Alerts – enable / disable alerts in the terminal
  • Enable Email Notifications – enable / disable email notifications by
    the email address specified in the terminal settings.
  • Enable Push Notifications – enable / disable notifications on
    the mobile client of MetaTrader, whose ID is specified in the terminal settings.

Recognition parameters:

  • Lower Volume Bars before-a pattern recognition criterion that determines the
    required number of previous bars with a lower volume in comparison
    with an internal bar.
  • Min Bar Size on MN1
  • Min Bar Size on W1
  • Min Bar Size on D1
  • Min Bar Size on H12
  • Min Bar Size on H8
  • Min Bar Size on H6
  • Min Bar Size on H4
  • Min Bar Size on H3
  • Min Bar Size on H2
  • Min Bar Size on H1
  • Min Bar Size on M30
  • Min Bar Size on M20
  • Min Bar Size on
  • Min Bar Size on M12
  • Min Bar Size on M10
  • Min Bar Size on M6
  • Min Bar Size on M5
  • Min Bar Size on M4
  • Min Bar Size on
  • Min Bar Size on
  • Min Bar Size on

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Parameters Min Bar Size on MN1 – Min Bar Size on M1 determine the
minimum required bar range (High-Low distance) for each bar.
timeframe. Bars with a smaller range are ignored. Negative parameter value
disables the search for patterns and the drawing of the indicator on the corresponding timeframe. By default, the optimal values of the minimum ranges are set and the search for patterns on timeframes less than an hour is disabled.

According to Price Action, the signal of the “Inner Bar” pattern is a breakdown of the boundaries of the innermost bar or the previous one. The stop loss is placed on the opposite border of the inner bar or the previous one. To improve the accuracy of the signals, it is recommended to trade only in the direction of the trend. This approach reduces the number of signals, but significantly increases their reliability.

When working with periods of less than one day, it is recommended to set a stop loss for the nearest extreme or border of the trading range to avoid false triggering.

In the settings, you can set two possible colors for drawing the indicator – for the buy and sell models. “Bullish” is an internal bar with a closing price greater than or equal to the middle of the range of the previous bar. Otherwise, the bar is considered “bearish”. The division of internal bars into “bullish” and “bearish” is very conditional, so the default settings set the same color for all patterns.


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