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Invesard GBPUSD for Metatrader 5


Telegram: Public / Private (please send me your receipt after purchasing)

Live Account: IC Markets

On my blog: What is stability anyway?

Dear Investor,

my name is Lorenz Vauck from Germany. I am a trader and system developer since 2008 and in the last 13 years, I´ve developed thousands of trading systems and manage private funds at several different brokers. My main goal when developing a system is stable growth under any market condition. All my systems have to pass strict criteria in terms of historical data, out-of-sample validations on unseen symbols, Monte Carlo simulations of different data feeds, slippage, and increased spreads. The latest of my systems that pass all of these criteria, is called “Invesard GBPUSD”.


  • Trades the GBPUSD H1 with a focus on long-term stable growth under any market condition.
  • Opens 1 trade at a time only and uses no martingale nor any grid or “recovery” methods. Every trade has a stop loss.
  • Didn´t have a losing year since 1986.
  • Backtests with high stability on 35 years (1986 – 2021) on GBPUSD H1.
  • Achieves an R^2 value (measurement of the stability of the equity growth – 100% would be a straight 45° line) of 99.48%.
  • Accomplishes a Van Tharp System Quality Number of over 12, a Return To Drawdown Ratio of 70, a Profit Factor of 1.86, and a Win Rate of 70%.
  • Survives additional backtests with excellent results on 735 years of 100% out of sample backtests on 20 additional pairs, each also with historical data from 1986 – 2021.
  • Passes 500 rounds of Monte Carlo testing with: spread up to 4 pips, slippage up to 1.5 pips, 50% randomized history data, skipping 10% of the trades, and still has stable equity curves throughout all simulations.
  • Is unaffected from any intra-bar-action as it trades solely on bar open.
  • Is easy to set up: just change the magic number (if needed), set the “rollover hour” of your broker and your percent risk per trade and you are ready to go.
  • Will receive ongoing maintenance. All updates will be free of charge and are planned for the next 20 years, as I am trading my own pension fund with it.
  • Comes with a private Telegram group for personal support.
  • Needs a minimum account balance of just $250 USD or equivalent.
  • Requires a leverage of only 1:30 up to 10% risk per trade.
  • Had the following yearly average gains/drawdowns within the last 34 years:

[spoiler title=”

… is a system that combines the experience of all the systems I´ve created in the past 13 years and is the most stable to date. It is for the professional investor who demands long-term growth and stability with an investment horizon of at least 1 year. While it can be traded on different brokers, trades will differ (such is the case for any EA), and while the system was Monte Carlo tested for different brokers feeds with stable results in the longer run, I am still strongly recommending trading it with IC Markets, as they offer low spreads, low commissions, low slippage and the system was created with history data from this broker for the recent years.

Parameters explained:

  • FixedLots                         The number of fixed lots per trade. This parameter is only used if “MoneyManagement” is set to false.
  • MoneyManagement           Enable or disable money management.
  • RiskPercentagePerTrade   Is the real risk per trade in percent. If a trade hits its stop loss, this is the percent amount you´ll have lost from your account balance. This parameter is only used if “MoneyManagement” is set to “true”.
  • BrokersRollOverHour        Is the server time of your broker’s Tokyo session start (also called “rollover hour”). With many brokers this is at 00:00 server time, so leaving it at 0 means that your broker rolls over at 00:00 server time. Brokers that do that are IC Markets, Tickmill, and Global Prime. Should your broker rollover at a different hour, just set it to the value of that hour. E.g. 21 = 21:00, 11 = 11:00, etc. If you are unsure, leave it at 0 and message me, I will find the right value together with you.
  • CustomOrderComment     Adds your own comment to the comment field of each trade.
  • Magic Number                  Unique identifier for the separation from other EAs.




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