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ISO Trend Line Pending


ISO trend Line impending Expert is a unique professional tool that may turn any trend, support and resistance line in your chart into a pending purchase line or awake line with various triggering methods.

There are various types of orders, such as price touch, price hurry and candle near amount breakout.

the order history feature permits you to quickly access the other graphs where orders are open.

The utility is designed to help traders easily trade and manage many graphs and symbols, without having to always be in front of the screen.

  • Types of pending orders: breakout of the candle closing level, price touch, price breakout;
  • Easy adjustment of the lot size, stop loss and take profit of the order.
  • Virtual and real stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Automatic validation of stop loss, take profit and lot size values.
  • Turning any drawn line into a pending order line or an alert line with one click (trend and horizontal lines or trend lines by angle);
  • Alert history, capable of re-opening closed graphs or re-drawing deleted lines for instant viewing;
  • Lines of pending orders with an expiration time, if they do not work.
  • Automatic conversion of the trend line with a low angle aligned to the line of support and resistance.
  • Automatic color, name, and width of lines;
  • Blinking of the line when clicking on it with the mouse button (continues until the user turns off by clicking on the graph);
  • Automatically display the graph on top of all other windows when you click on the line;
  • Continuous sound alert (until disabled by the user);
  • One-time sound alert with a pop-up information window;
  • Notification to your mobile device;
  • E-mail notification;
  • Management console on the chart;
  • Automatically hiding the control panel;
  • Button for calling graphs – the graphs of the same symbol will be displayed on top of the rest, only when the graphs are arranged in a mosaic.

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  • Pending orders at the breakdown of the closing level of the candle will be triggered only if the candle of the same timeframe on which the pending order line was activated closed above or below the line.
  • Example: description of the pending order line – (Daily Support Break Out Alert). Thus, if the daily candle closes below the line, a sell order will be executed.

  • Default stop loss size – the default stop loss size if the stop loss price is not specified for the pending order line
  • Default take profit size – the default take profit size if no take profit price is specified for the pending order line
  • Price Deviation to Alert (Pips): Price deviation from the pending order line to open an order
  • Max spread to trade – maximum spread for trading
  • Trigger Buy pending orders with (Bid or Ask) – activate pending orders at the Bid or Ask price
  • Virtual or Actual Stop loss and Take profit – virtual or real stop loss and take profit levels
  • Sell Color – color of sell signals
  • Buy Color – color of buy signals
  • Blinking Alert Line Color – line color for flashing alerts
  • Change Color After Alert Muted to-change the color to the specified one after disabling the alert
  • Pending Line style – the line style of pending orders
  • Pending Line width – the thickness of the lines of pending orders
  • Auto Hide Pending lines on higher time frames-automatically hide pending order lines on higher time frames.
  • Auto Level Low Angle Trend Lines – automatically align trend lines with a low angle
  • Max Angle to Level Trend Lines (Degrees): the maximum angle for the leveling of the trend lines. If the angle of the trend line is less than the specified value, it will be automatically aligned
  • Auto Switch Time Frame: automatically switch to the corresponding timeframe if the alert is triggered on a different timeframe
  • Auto Chart Bring to Top: Automatically switch the chart to the foreground if an alert is triggered on it
  • Clip Same Symbol Charts Together: show charts of the same symbol on top of the others (charts of the same symbol should be arranged in a mosaic)
  • Continuously Sound Alert Speed (Milliseconds): the frequency of continuous sound alerts in milliseconds, decrease the value to increase the frequency
  • Auto Hide Menu: Automatically hide the menu if no line is selected.
  • Show Menu Only if a Line was Clicked: show menu only when a line is clicked, disable / enable display/hide menu on hover
  • Show Pending short description always-always display short descriptions of pending order lines
  • Show full description next to the line, while a line is selected-show full description next to the line when it is selected

The Expert Advisor is designed with the ability to configure all parameters according to your requirements. You can enable or disable any function;
Unfortunately, the Expert Advisor cannot be tested in the strategy tester, as it uses the tools of the MetaTrader terminal and switching timeframes.

isoforex, development of trading tools and indicators for MetaTrader for more than 7 years. Your feedback will help us improve the product in future updates.


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