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KandilaFx is an expert advisor for a successful trader. KandlilaFx does not control its owner, but helps him to be a good trader. It tells you when to buy and when to sell. KandilaFx cannot be used for automated trading. To use KandilaFx effectively, the user must have basic knowledge about Japanese candle patterns.

The candlestick patterns included in KandilaFx are widely used in Forex by traders analyzing price movements. KandilaFx completely relies on the power of candle patterns, the user can use it together with other indicators, oscillators, trend lines, etc. There are not many products with similar functionality, but they are difficult to set up and have a very high price. KandilaFx is unique in its simplicity, color captions for bearish / bullish candle patterns will tell the trader when to buy and when to sell.

Warning: If you don’t know anything about candle patterns, don’t use KandilaFx!!!

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