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KLEO SYSTEM TEST is a free version of the KLEO SYSTEM SET expert Advisor designed for testing trading functions and semi-automatic mode.

Differences from the full version:

  • One currency pair is EURUSD.
  • One group of parameters.
  • Volume up to 0.02 lots.

For the semi-automatic mode, there are no restrictions on the number of tools. Positions with a volume of more than 0.02 lots will be ignored.

Read about the principle of operation and the purpose of the parameters of the Expert Advisor in the description of the full version.


When you first install the Expert Advisor on the chart or run it for testing , a KleoTest folder will be created, containing set files of input parameters for several work options. It will be located in the client terminal folder in the MQL5Files subfolder (or the test_agent_directory of Mql5files in the case of testing). The full path to the location of the set files will be printed in the terminal log.

All the tests presented were conducted for the period from 01.01.2010 to 27.06.2013 in the “OHLC on M1” mode on the MetaQuotes server with an initial deposit of 500. In the “All Ticks” mode, the results are more accurate, while testing is slower.


  • 1-2. Default parameters or the KleoEx_1_Def.set file – SYSTEM 2 system using “false breakout”, opening for both “breakout” and “rebound”, and SYSTEM 1 MODE 2system .
  • 3-4. KleoEx_2_Syst2_1. set – the SYSTEM 2 system using a “false breakdown”.
  • 5-6. KleoEx_3_Syst2_2. set – system SYSTEM 2, opening a trade at the first breakout of the level.
  • 7-8. KleoEx_4_Syst1_Mode2. set-system SYSTEM 1 MODE 2.
  • 9-10. KleoEx_5_Syst1_Mode1. set – system SYSTEM 1 MODE 1, working only on Monday and Thursday from 11: 00 to 15: 00.
  • 11-12. KleoEx_6_PrevBar. set – SYSTEM 2, opening at the intersection of the high/low price levels of the previous hour. Opening for both “breakout” and “rebound”.

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Other examples can be found in the description of the full version of the Expert Advisor.

You can create your own sets of systems and parameters that suit your style and nature of work.

Write suggestions and comments. Leave feedback.

I wish you all successful trading!


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